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Wu-Hsing is a manufacturer and designer that offer the top quality various bags Sealers and Vacuum Sealers and best service in Taiwan to whole world.

Vacuum Skin / Vacuum Map tray sealing Machine  EL-702VSP

Vacuum Skin / Vacuum Map tray sealing Machine

Product Features:
1. with Vacuum skin and Vacuum Map function
2. Programmable control system with touch screen panel
3. Customized mold is acceptable, easy to be changed
4. Tray package maintains product shape without deformation problems
5. Highly efficient European vacuum pump
6. Air Compressor: 5-7kg/cm2

Product Functions:
1. Extended product shelf life
2. Maintain food freshness and original flavor
3. Anti-spoiling
4. It can be paired up with a vacuum skin packaging. A super three-dimensional shape is transparent and visible

Fresh meat, seafood, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, herbs, bean and prepared foods...etc.


Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address : No. 10, Gongye 15th Road, (Dali Industrial Park), Taiping Dist.,
Taichung City, 41154, TAIWAN

TEL : +886 4 22711498      

FAX : +886 4 22712806

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