WDH-200DR/350DR Hand Type Constant Heat Sealer

Hand Type Constant Heat Sealer

WDH-200DR/350DR Series

WU-HSING’s Hand Type Constant Heat Sealer is made by metal with painting.

Comes with flat sealing jaw coated with PTFE (Teflon). Unit With Thermostat control needs warm up time: 10 min. Keep the setting temperature to do perfect sealing.

Upper side heating, below is Silicon Rubber.
Sealing width: 10mm
Suitable material: Alum. Tinfoil, Nylon , Sterilization pouch.


型號 WDH-200DR WDH-350DR
電壓 110V/220V 110V/220V
電力 (瓦特數) 90W 150W
最大封口 200 *10mm 350*10mm
預熱時間 7-10 min. 7-10 min.
最高溫度 100-250 ℃ 100-250 ℃
機器尺寸 38*12*22cm 53*12*22cm
機器重量 5KGS 6.7KG