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Wu-Hsing is a manufacturer and designer that offer the top quality various bags Sealers and Vacuum Sealers and best service in Taiwan to whole world.

Wu-Hsing’s designed Electromagnet control sealer, with one Electromagnet offers an uniform pressure to save the power of operator.

Constant heat sealing (direct heat): Nylon, Alum. Gusset (Folded) bag

Impulse sealing Equipped a Congealing time to offer a perfect sealing.

Single: PE, PP, OPP, Nylon, Alum.

Double-sides: Alum., Gusset ( folded) bag

Table Model Foot Switch Control Direct Heat Sealer  W-DA Series

電磁式直熱式封口機 W-300DA

WU-HSING made constant heat sealer is excellent for sealing polycello, humidity-proof cellophane, Nylon, aluminum foil, Kraft paper bags by temperature control. Sealer is having a beautiful mesh and lines seal.

Electromagnet for foot switch control offers a high efficiency & space saving.

Max. Temperature: 0-300 degree C.

Warm up time: 10 minutes.

Optional device : W-300DA: Date Imprinter (but one line),

Mini Type Electromagnet Control Constant Heat Sealer  WNS-200D

迷你型電磁鐵控制直熱式封口機 WNS-200D

Foot Switch Control

Constant Heat sealing with Thermostat (E.G.O.) control.

Easy to operate.

Sealing width: 10mm

Need warm up 5-10min. and keep its temperature when setting.

Mini Type Electromagnet Control Double-Side Sealing Impulse Sealer  WNS-1510HT

手壓式上下雙線瞬熱封口機 WNS-1510HT

WU-HSING Newly designed WNS-1510HT Mini. Type Semi - Auto Impulse Sealer. Double-sides sealing with 10mm special for Alum. Foil Coffee bags sealing.

Press the front sealing bar lightly. Sealing & cooling will be finished easily.

Sealing bar length is 150mm only for space saving.



Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address : No. 10, Gongye 15th Road, (Dali Industrial Park), Taiping Dist.,
Taichung City, 41154, TAIWAN

TEL : +886 4 22711498      

FAX : +886 4 22712806

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