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Hand held sealer  WSZ Series

德國HAWO製手持鋁箔錫箔封口機WSZ Series

WU-HSING imported hand held Sealer wsz 300/ 400 from Germany are constant heat sealer.

Offer a convenient portable sealing top side for large package before packing in a wooden case or on a pallet or larger Alum. film sealing.
Idea for Alum. Material, Nylon, Kraft paper film.

Sealing width: 12mm.

Compact & easy operate.

Temperature control: 0-250 degree C (adjustable)

Need warm up time: 7-10minutes.

Impulse sealing: isz-300, isz 450

Hand held sealer  ISZ Series

德國進口之手持式瞬熱封口機 hawo isz 450

WU-HSING longer hand held Sealer ISZ 300/450 are Impulse Sealer that imported from Germany.

Offer a convenient portable sealing top side of large package before packing into a wooden case or on a pallet. or, large film sealing.

Suitable any materials: PE, Alum. Foil, Nylon

Comes with a Control box offer double sides sealing: 3.0mm

Power Cord length:3.55M

Constant Heat sealer: wsz-300, wsz 400

ISZ Series


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