Stainless Steel Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer (LVV-T Series)

Stainless Steel Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

LVV-T Series

Stainless Type Vacuum Sealer comes with standard of a vacuum pump inside and a retractable nozzle system made of stainless steel.

This machine offers an easier packaging and greater sustained vacuum flow.

It is made by metal construction with stainless steel will offer a good service within many years.

It is ideal for clean room using.

Pump is non-oil filling for dry packaging.

Air control-Press the Foot Switch, Vacuum & Sealing will be finished.

Operation is so easy.

Customer needs to prepare the air compressor 6-7kg/cm².

Loading weight of Working Table: <10KGS.


Model LVV-6510T LVV-8510T
Voltage AC 110V/220V/240V 1phase AC 110V/220V 1 phase
Power (Watt.) Amp: 15AWatt.: 11 KW Amp: 15AWatt.: 13KW
Pump Cap 180 Torr
Max. Sealing 10mm*2*660mm 10mm*2*860mm
Vacuum Time 0-99 sec.
Sealing Time 0-3.0 sec.
Cooling Time 0-10 sec.
Vacuum Cap 120 L/min
Dimension 765*650*1365mm 965*650*1365mm
Working Table 700mm*500mm 850mm*500mm
Weight 120KG 150KG