Vacuum Container Set - DP-VC0403. Vacuum Container Set

Vacuum Container Set


DP-VC0403 Vacuum Container is made in Taiwan. Include: one piece of 1000ml, 750ml, 500ml of Container and manual vacuum pump.

Material: ABS+PS. Already passed the safety rule from the USA & European. Can keep food fresh and longer...

Include: each of 1000ml, 750ml, 500ml and manual vacuum pump

Material: ABS+PS

Suitable for all kinds of food Such as tea leaves, flour, coffee powder, cookie, dried food of nuts, pill, etc. Can keep fresh and prevent food from humidity and pests.

Can place in all kinds of items such as: cameras, batteries, antiques, etc., extend its life and reduce damage of goods due to moisture.

How to use: Using manual vacuum pump, to draw 5-6 times, air can be complete exhausted and the container mouth will show up green line of “AirLock”.Press the top small button edge to open the lid finally.