Ultrasonic Welder - SUH-30. Ultrasonic Welder

Ultrasonic Welder


Quppa QP-01, Ultrasonic Welder is made in JAPAN., Ideal for PS, PET box for spot welding...

Can be 100v ~ 240v of voltage with a ac adapterCan also be welded Poly bag, Film sheet, Cloth products, Ribbon products...

*Caution: Do not weld when nothing and remove the water or soup left on the box.


Model QP-01
Voltage 110V~240V
Power (Watt.) 20W
Max. welding 3*6mm
Available material PS, PET, PVC, PE...
Sealing time 0.2-3 sec.
Dimension (mm) 179*183*66
Weight 1.2 KG