Shrink Packing Machine - PE Film - CN-E Series. Shrink Packing Machine-PE film

Shrink Packing Machine - PE Film

CN-E Series

CN-400E/600E/800E is ideal for PE shrink Film It is equipped with an adjustable speed conveyor and 2 temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters.

Tunnel comes with a stand and 4 wheels.

t can be used on a tabletop or free standing on the floor.

It's easy to operate and save the cost of labor.

Any products will be presented to the best perfect packing effects.

Enhance the appearance and value of your products, protecting your products against dirt, dust, moisture and handling.


Model CN-4530E CN-6530E CN-8540E
Voltage 220/380V/415V
Power (Watt.) 18KW 24KW 36KW
Tunnel Size 400*200mm 600*300mm 800*400mm
Pre-Heating Time 10 min.
Dimension 240*79*130cm 300*97*140cm 300*117*150cm
Weight 450KG 520KG 650KG