Semi-Auto Date Coder - DHS-8F. DHS-8F Semi-Auto Date Coder

Semi-Auto Date Coder


DHS-8F is a floor model Date coder equipped with a Stronger Electromagnet. Controlled by a Foot Switch.

DHS-8F is capable of 3 lines imprinting, and each line holds 13 characters, 35mm of Coding Foil, printing MFG, EXP. LOT. ...etc.

Warm up time: 10-15 min.

Applications: Bags, Folded box, labels...


Model DHS-8F
Voltage 110V/220V
Type Size 2.5*4mm
Max. Printing Area 8*35mm
Lines of letter 3 lines*12 letters
Warm up time 7-10mm
Film width 35mm
Weight 24KG