Double-sided Sealing Impulse Sealer - WN-T Series. WN-455T Double-sided Sealing Impulse Sealer

Double-sided Sealing Impulse Sealer

WN-T Series

Wu-Hsing foot type double Impulse sealing sealer installs twin elements (top & bottom) for heavy duty applications. It makes 5mm seal width. Equipped with a single or double selector switch. User has the choice of using 1 element or 2 elements.

This feature extends the life of the sealer and at the same time increases its versatility. By foot control, it is easier for user to operate machine by hands and get an excellent and perfect seal.


Model WN-300T WN-450T WN-600T WN-750T
Voltage 110V/220V
Power (Watt.) 1000W 1900W 2400W 2400W
Max. sealing 300*5mm 450*5mm 600*5mm 750*5mm
Heating Time 0-2.0 sec.
Max. Temp 250 °C
Dimension 38*37*90cm 53*37*90cm 68*37*90cm 83*37*90cm
Weight 20KG 22KG 25KG 28KG