Round Type Impulse Sealer - W-R Series. W-400R Round Type Impulse Sealer

Round Type Impulse Sealer

W-R Series

This sealer is especially for arc sealing for matching Shrink Tunnel. It makes 0.32mm of seal width and cuts off excess edge of shrink wrap films. Half-circle. It can be used for making dome bags.


Model W-200R W-300R W-400R W-500R
Voltage 110V/220V
Power (Watt.) 450W 600W 800W 1000W
Max. sealing 25*8cm*0.32mm 34*17cm*0.32mm 43*21cm*0.32mm 57*17cm*0.32mm
Heating Time 0-1.5 sec.
Max. Temp 250 °C
Dimension 47*34*90cm 51*37*90cm 51*46*90cm 53*62*90cm
Weight 20KG 21KG 23KG 25KG