Foot Type Direct Heat Sealer - W-D Series. W-300D Foot Type Direct Heat Sealer

Foot Type Direct Heat Sealer

W-D Series

Wu-Hsing Direct Heat Sealer comes with alum. Casting, is excellent for sealing Cellophane, humidity-proof cellophane, Nylon, KOP, alum. Foil coated, and gusset material. Sealers are ideal for having a beautiful mesh and line pattern sealing. Max. temperature: 300℃ (adjustable) Sealing width: 15mm or 10mm (optional)

Warm up time: 10 min. Must keep its setting temperature.


Model W-220D W-250D W-300D W-450D
Voltage 110V/220V
Power (Watt.) 250W 300W 350W 400W
Max. sealing 220*15mm 250*15mm 300*15mm 450*15mm
Warm up time 7-10 min
Max. Temp 300°C
Dimension 32*34*90cm 48*34*90cm
Weight 12.5KG 13KG 13.5KG 15KG