Electromagnet Control Sealer - Single Sealing - WNVS Series. Electromagnet Control Sealer

Electromagnet Control Sealer - Single Sealing

WNVS Series

WNVS-300/450/600 vertical sealing is installed one stronger stand & Electromagnet to suit for liquid & powder packing.

To save the power of operator. It comes with an adjustable & bigger working Table.

Press the Foot Switch lightly, sealing & cooling will be finished easier. Operating is so easy.


Model WNVS-300 WNVS-450 WNVS-600
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V
Power (Watt.) 450W 600W 800W
Max. Sealing 300*2.7/5mm 450*2.7/5mm 600*2.7/5mm
Heating Time 0-1.5 sec 0-1.5 sec 0-1.5 sec
Max. Temp. 250°C 250°C 250°C
Dimension 625*340*1311mm 625*340*1311mm 625*340*1311mm
Weight 43 KG 45 KG 48 KG