Electromagnet Control Constant Heat - WNS-D Series. Electromagnet Control Constant Heat

Electromagnet Control Constant Heat

WS-D Series

Wu-Hsing's WS-300D/450D come with one stronger Electromagnet offers an uniform pressure to suit a larger & heavier sealing. To save the power of operator.

It is suitable to seal thicker material such as Aluminum foil, Kraft paper, cellophane, mylar, or coated PP.
Cannot seal polyethylene. Can offer two types of seal patterns: meshed or serrated (lined).
Seal widths from 6mm to 15mm wide. Our direct heat sealers are equipped with a thermostat or an electronic temperature controller to accurately controls the temperature. Both jaws are heated simultaneously resulting in better heat penetration to seal thicker materials.
Easy to operate: Set the temperature and sealing time depending on the material to be sealed. Once setting have been reached, press down on the foot Switch and release automatically. Warm up time: 7-10 minutes.
Caution: Higher temperature! Do not touch the sealing jaws.