Electromagnet Control Impulse Sealer - WS Series. Electromagnet Control Impulse Sealer

Electromagnet Control Impulse Sealer

WS Series

WS series made in Alum. Casting housing and come with one stronger Electromagnet offers an uniform pressure to suit a larger & heavier sealing to save the power of ooperator.

Press the Foot Switch lightly, then sealing & cooling will be finished easier. Ideal for need higher pressure package. Sealing width: 2.7mm/5mm (optional).

Availabel size: 300~600mm. Ideal for PE, PP, OPP, PVC, POF materials. Especially for Powder, Liquid, Frozen goods, Salt...packing.


Model WS-300 WS-450 WS-600
Voltage 110V/220V
Power (Watt.) 450W /600W 600W /800W 800W /1000W
Max. sealing 300*2.7mm/5mm 450*2.7mm/5mm 600*2.7mm/5mm
Heating Time 0-1.5 sec. 0-1.5 sec 0-1.5 sec.
Max. Temp 250°C 250°C 250°C
Dimension 38*34*90cm 53*34*90cm 68*34*90cm
Weight 27 KG 29 KG 32 KG