Coffee Valve Applicator Machine

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Coffee Valve Applicator Machine

Degassing valve applicator machine, coffee valve applicator machine, Semi-auto coffee valve applicator machine.

WU-HSING-made coffee valve applicator machine(AA-02, AA-03)is good for coffee bags using to enhance the value of coffee bag. The machine can release the CO2 from the bag by pressing the coffee valve to keep the coffee beans and powders fresh for longer time.

1. Pneumatic foot switch control

2. Adjustable sealing temperature: 0℃-300℃

3. alve seating customizable for vales

4. 1-6 holes depending on the coffee valve and demands

5. Constant heating sealing requiring 10 min to warm up

6. The size from the pocket mouth to the end of the bag holder:
AA-02 15cm
AA-03 25cm

7. Users have to prepare an air compressor (5-7kg/cm²)

8. The coffee valve can help release CO2 outside the coffee bag at the time, and it also can prevent the outside air which can oxidize the content get into the coffee bag to keep the coffee beans or powders fresh.

Coffee valve: one-way degassing valve for coffee beans; one-way degassing valve with filter, mainly used for coffee powder.

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    AA-02, AA-03

    Coffee Valve Applicator Machine