Band Sealing Machine - SY-M905H.

Band Sealing Machine


Sealing Head height can be adjustable, Conveyor Height is fixed.

Wu-Hsing’s SY-M905H Vertical band sealer is made of metal construction with paint so not easy to be rusted and due to the vertical type thus bags have to be standing position (such as liquid, powder, grit) on the conveyor while sealing. Besides, the sealer is suitable for large package or product that can’t be sealed by horizontal one. The variable conveyor belt speed is adjustable (1-10M) to accommodate materials of various thickness, and the distance between bag opening and product is within 35mm. The height of head part is adjustable around 500mm.

Sealing width: 5mm (for bags with PE, PP materials); 10mm (for bags with nylon, alum. foil, karft paper materials)
This sealer is applied for food, chemical, and hardware parts

  • Stainless steel housing is optional
  • 5-digit counter is optional
  • If need printing, ink roll date imprinter or foil ribbon date imprinter for selection is optional


Model SY-M905 (conveyor) SY-M905H (head)
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V
Max. size /per bag 600*400mm 600*400mm
Max. Conveyor Belt load 10KG 10KG
Steel Band Size /W*L
or Teflon Band
5mm –PE
5mm –PE
Conveyor Belt size/W 200mm 200mm
Conveyor adjustable size 500mm 500mm
Temperature range 0-399°C 0-399°C
Net Weight 130KG 140KG
Dimension 1530*640*1050mm 1530*640*1410mm
Speed (Adjustable) 1-10M/perminite


  • Applications for foods, chemicals, and Hardware parts.
  • Packing materials: Any heat sealable material.
  • Conveyor Table is extensible to meet various bag sizes.
  • Infinitely variable conveyor belt speed.
  • Choice of steel wheel for knurling only, or for both knurling and printing.(optional)
  • Furnished with Teflon and steel sealing band.
  • Vertical model: ideal for sealing liquid, powder, grit, hardware products.