Band Sealer with Vacuum - SY-M903V.

Band Sealer with Vacuum


WU-HSING's continuous band sealer with Vacuum is Air-sucking & Sealing. The machine comes with Air extracting device by stainless made of Nozzle. Its Sealing head can be tilted 0~15°degree forward. The bag is sealed with air extracted to reduce the volume of bag and easier to be stocked. To keep the food longer time or save the space of parts. Use Band Sealer can save the packing time & working member.


Model SY-M903V
Bag Thickness 0.06m/m-0.5m/m (Bilayer Thickness)
Sealing & Conveyor Speed 0~10 m/min.  (Variable Speed)
Convenyor Width 200mm
Sealing Width 5mm (PE)  10mm (PP)
Conveyor Heighty Adjustable Range 130mm
Loading Weight 5KGS
Machine Size 156 x72 x 101 cm
Packing Size 166 x 82 x 111cm


  • Can Vacuum & Gas Flushing
  • Applicant: Food, Chemical, Hardware (exclude Liquid, Powder)
  • ideal for any vacuumable & sealable materials.
  • Can be tilted 0-20 degree
  • Bag size: L300 mm x W300 mm
  • Voltage: AC200V/220V/240V, 1200W, 50/60HZ
  • Optional Device:
    1. Counter
    2. Date coding

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