Band Sealing Machine SY-M903B

Band Sealing Machine


Gas Flushing + Sealing

  1. Applications for Foods Chemicals and Hardware parts.
  2. Packing Materials: Heat Sealable Material
  3. Nozzle Type
  4. The distance between Bag opening with Products: >35mm
  5. Gas Flushing & Sealing to protect the products of bag...
  6. No including Air Bottle.


  • Stainless housing (SUS#304)
  • Counter
  • Solid Ink Roll Date Imprinter
  • Solid Foil Ribbon Date Imprinter
Band Sealing Machine SY-M903B_sample


Model SY-M903B
Power 1760W
Thickness of bag 0.06-0.5mm (thickness of 2 layers)
Speed 0~10M/min. (Adjustable)
Width of Conveyor 200mm
Power AC100V/110V, 50/60HZ AC200V/220V/240V,  Single Phase
Sealing width 10mm (Nylon, Alum.)
Lifting height of Conveyor 130mm
Feeding direction Left to right, or Right to left
Loading weight of Conveyor 5kg /pc
Temperature range 50℃~230℃
Suitable materials Nylon, Alum.
Heating 350W * 2pcs
Dimension 1350L* 610W* 980-1160H (mm)