Air Control Vacuum Sealer - for pillow, quilt


Air Control

Impulse sealing with Electronics control.

Easy to operate. Operation with Foot Switch.

Nozzle vacuum

Sealing width: 3.2mm + 0.8mm


  • Single side sealing: PE, OPP, PP, PVC, POF
  • Double sides sealing: Alum. Foil. 4 layers materials.

Extra Air Compressor: 5-7 kg/cm2 : customer prepared.


Model PVS-700
Voltage 220V 1 phase
Power (Watt.) 3200W
Max. sealing 3.2*0.32*700 - sealing
0.8*700mm - sealing & melting
Heating Time 0-2.0 sec.
Max. Temp. 250°C
Vacuum Pump-oil-less pump 120 liter/ min.
Pressing Plate 700*650mm
Dimension 98*102*151 cm
Weight 100 KGS
Compressor  5-7KG / cm2 (provide for oneself)