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Wu-Hsing is a manufacturer and designer that offer the top quality various bags Sealers and Vacuum Sealers and best service in Taiwan to whole world.

Since 1991, Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Sealing and Vacuum Sealing Machinery in TAIWAN with full of energy and pleased to serve worldwide customers.
We have specialized in the production of Heat Sealers for plastic bags and films since 1991.
From 2002, we have developed the Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealers for the electronics factories of Taiwan.
And, 2003, We have developed the out of chamber Vacuum Sealers.
In 2004, we have passed ISO 9001 2008 and got some patents of products.
In 2004, we moved to our new factory to do production line and developed new Sealers continuously.
Another factory produces Vacuum Sealers & design large machines for special sealing sizes and materials.
We design and manufacture sealing and vacuum sealing machinery to meet the needs of a wide range of
customers and products worldwide.
We have offered the high quality products, competitive price together with the best sales service.
We also import Hand Wrapper & Ultrasonic Welder from Japan, Hand held Sealer from Germany to be sold in Taiwan market.
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Wu-Hsing Main Product Line

Sealers Series

  1. Hand Type Impulse Sealer (100 ~ 1500mm )

  2. Foot Type Sealer (Impulse , Constant Heat)

  3. Auto Sealer(Impulse , Constant Heat)

  4. Vertical Sealing Sealer (Impulse , Constant Heat)

  5. Electromagnet Control Sealer(Impulse , Constant Heat)

  6. Pneumatic Control Sealer (300 ~ 3500mm )

  7. Shrink Wrap Sealer (I Bar, L Bar)

Vacuum Sealers

1. Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer (300 ~ 2500mm )
2. Out of chamber Vacuum Sealer
3. Chamber type vacuum machine


*Hand Wrapper

*Ultrasonic welder

*Coffee valve applicator

*UV Lamp cabinet for Chef Knives

*Embossed Vacuum Bag (for out of chamber Vacuum Sealer)

 Customize : We can design for your needs

If you need further information, please contact us !



Wu-Hsing is a manufacturer and designer that offer the top quality various bags Sealers and Vacuum Sealers and best service in Taiwan to whole world.

WU-HSING ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is established since 1991 in Taiwan.

Is a professional manufacturer for producing, design, sale of the bags sealers, vacuum sealers, band sealers, medical pouch sealers, date imprinter, hand wrappers, ultrasonic welder, vacuum channelled bag (lined)…etc. WU-HSING own the engineers that have 20 more years of experience. Make the best quality & valued products to get the CE, ETL approval. We already passed ISO 9001: 2008. Products have been exported 100 more countries of worldwide.

Our History

UL approval

Vacuum Sealers

designed & developed.

ISO 9001 2008 passed.

iso 9001 2015 passed


1995. 04



2003. 03




Founder: Gu, Han-Chin General Manager:

Huang, Mao-Sen
Initial place: No. 131, Hao-Lai 1st Strret, Dali City, Taichung, TAIWAN

Company Chinese

name changed.

Moved to new factory
Address: No. 10, Gongye 15th Road, (Dali Industrial Park) Taiping Dist. Taichung (41154), TAIWAN

ETL & cETL approval


Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

地址 : 41154 台中市太平區大里工業區工業15路10號(大里工業區內)



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