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Wu-Hsing is a manufacturer and designer that offer the top quality various bags Sealers and Vacuum Sealers and best service in Taiwan to whole world.

Sealing band is for band sealer using. We can offer any Band sealer parts.

Coding Foil


Wu-Hsing’s Coding Foil is from the USA for Date Imprinter.

Good quality, not easier to be removed. 25mm ~ 35mm can be chosen.

Also have different colors, general & frozen type for demand.

Stainless sealing band / PTFE sealing band


WU-HSING’s stainless sealing band is made in Taiwan for band sealer. Material is stainless steel.

Ideal for Nylon, Alum. Foil, Kraft paper.

Size: 10*1100mm, 10*1120mm, 12*1100mm, 12.7*940mm, 12.7*1090mm, 12.7*1100mm, 17mm *1090mm

Available: Teflon coated metal band.


WU-HSING’s  PTFE sealing band is made in Japan for band sealer. Material is PTFE.

Suitable for any materials: PE, PP

Size: 15*810mm, 15*940mm, 15*1090mm,

Stainless / PTFE sealing band


Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address : No. 10, Gongye 15th Road, (Dali Industrial Park), Taiping Dist.,
Taichung City, 41154, TAIWAN

TEL : +886 4 22711498      

FAX : +886 4 22712806

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